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Bachman & Turner - self title (album review)

Bachman & Turner - self titled (album review)

year - 2010

Genre - Hard rock, blues rock

Bachman & Turner is the musical project that followed the break up of Bachman - Turner Overdrive, a Canadian rock band that had relative success in the 1970/80's. I have no experience with the original band or any of their music, so my judgement does not get affected by the quality of this project when compared to the original band.

Before I get into the review I'll give some background as to how I came across this album, my mate had a few copies of it on vinyl and gave me one (still in the original plastic wrapper) and said I could have it as the record is "shit" and he already has a few copies (why? I don't know), so I went into this album with very low expectations....

However I was very surprised, opening with lead single " Rollin' along" I was treated to a classic rock song with the typical 4/4 drums, thudding bass and screeching electric guitars, as well as some great vocals from Fred Turner and Randy Bachman.
This album is a great collection of blues and classic rock songs that is reminiscent of the 70's highpoint of heavy rock n roll music. I wouldn't say its particularly special, just a good record, no it wont win any awards, but it also shouldn't bring in any negative reviews as apart from not being exceptional (just good) there is little fault with this album, the guitars and bass are a highlight, sounding like typical classic rock with a new age edge, this album feels classic yet new, with inspiration clearly taken from many generations of music. Bachman and Turner are clearly in sync with their playing and writing, the album is clearly made by two guys who work together well, with tracks like "can't go back to Memphis" sounding like a radio rock single ready for the masses (despite not even being a single off the album).

some songs come across as a little bit cringey, with "rock and roll is the only way out" and "repo man" sounding quite brainless and outdated however this album is simple in its aim, creating catchy radio rock songs, and there's nothing wrong with that, as its completely enjoyable to listen to.

Overall maybe I can't give the best judgement to this album as I have never had experience with the original band, however that also means I'm judging this from face value completely non-biasedly, so depending on how you view that will decide how valid you think my opinion on this album is.
Bachman & Turner is a strong debut from the band of the same name and something I personally highly enjoyed, is it amazing? no, however it is still a good album and 100% worthy of praise. simplistic hard rock/blues rock has been a little bit boring for a long while, Bachman & Turner flip this stigma completely, I recommend this album to any fan of classic rock as I don't see how it could possibly disappoint - unless you're expecting "are you experienced?" or "the wall", but otherwise, good fun and a strong debut.

Rating - 6/10

For fans of - Jimi Hendrix Experience, Deep Purple, Skid Row, whitesnake, Dire straits.

Best tracks -  Rollin' along, find some love, can't go back to Memphis.

By D.A Clarke

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