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Dr Feelgood - Motley Crue (Album review)

Dr Feelgood - Motley Crue (Album review)
year - 1989Image result for dr feelgood album
genre - hard rock, glam metal, heavy metal

Dr Feelgood is Motley Crue's 5th album in their discography and easily their most famous, being the high point, the peak, of their career both commercially and critically. this album marks the last album of what is considered the "classic crue" or golden age of the Crue's music.

Feelgood was produced by Bob Rock, famous for his expansive list of artists he's produced for (including metal legends Metallica and rock legends Aerosmith), this reputation has made him somewhat of a legend among producers and music fans alike and on this album, it is unbelievably clear that Rock did the Production as unsurprisingly this album's production quality is very high.

musically this album is easily Motley Crue's best, being heavier than all their albums before (shown on tracks such as "Kickstart my heart" and "Dr Feelgood") breaking the band away from their purely glam rock related image. Feelgood also has incredible ballads, "without you" and "time for change" being not only two of Motley's best songs but also two of the best ballads from the era. if you can believe it, this album takes the notorious sex. drugs and rock n roll lyrics of previous releases and pushes it up to 11, "Same ol' situation" being a great example, being heavy in sound and filled with undertones referencing lesbians/lesbian sex.

As always Mick Mars does an amazing job on the guitar, being quicker and heavier than ever before, the riffs also being so much more unique and original than ever before. Tommy Lee's drumming is better than ever too, being slightly more technical than any of his previous work. Vince Neil's vocals are at their peak with his iconic flamboyant tone and delivery yet on Feelgood it feels grittier and rougher, an improvement in my opinion. While Nikki Sixx is rarely complimented for his bass work it is apparent on this album that Sixx knuckled down and wrote some heavy and interesting, albeit on the simplistic side, bass lines and obviously Sixx's lyrics are at their peak of quality on this album.

Their is little wrong with this album, if anything at all, being so catchy and heavy that it is almost irresistible to any fan of hard rock, the album even won over thrash metal fans (known for their hatred of glam metal). Dr Feelgood marks the highest point in Crue's career, being their best selling, highest rated and receiving the highest amount of praise from fans. Dr Feelgood is more than a late eighties glam metal record, it is the sound of a band working at full force with new talents never shown on previous releases in the band's career. Dr Feelgood rivals Appetite for Destruction in being known as the best hard rock album of the 1980s and with good reason, this is an album that pleases fans and also is a great opener for any new fan (as it was for me at one point, it being my first crue record I ever heard).

if you enjoy heavy distorted guitars, sexually fuelled lyrics, the odd ballad and rock n roll, this is the album for you.


Best tracks - "Don't go away mad (just go away)", "time change", "kickstart my heart", "Same ol' situation (S.O.S)".

For fans of - Guns n roses, Aerosmith, RATT, Twisted Sister, Cinderella.
By D.A. Clarke

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