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Hatful of Hollow - The Smiths (album review)

Hatful of Hollow - The Smiths (review)
year - 1984
genre - post-punk, indie, alt rock.
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Hatful of Hollow is a compilation album by British post-punk/rock band, The Smiths.
The album acts as a compilation of some of The Smiths' most famous singles that were never put onto a studio album (e.g. Heaven knows I'm miserable now) and various alternative recordings of previously released songs.

This song is definitely more commercial than the previous Smiths release (self titled),, as it heavily build up of singles, radio one recordings and B-sides, however only an elitist or hipster would deem the album any less brilliant because of that, as it is undeniable that these given tracks, such as "William it was really nothing" and "this charming man" are easily some of The Smiths' greatest pieces of music as well as being their most famous.

Hatful of Hollow features elements of every other Smiths album, with Morrisey's melancholic vocals and vast vocabulary, Johnny Marr's superb reverb heavy guitar riffs that add a beautiful melody to the usually quite depressing meanings of the songs, then incredible thudding bass and drum lines from Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce, the underrated rhythm section of The Smiths.

The Smiths on this release have done a rarity in which no track feels as if it is filler, each track is enjoyable in its own right, my highlights being "Heaven knows I'm miserable now", "This night has opened my eyes" and the rerecording of The Smith's self titled albums most famous single "hand in glove".

overall this album is a pretentious melancholic collection of 2-3 minute songs, and that's why I believe it is a masterpiece, as Morrisey and the Smiths take pretentiousness and sadness and flip it into an enjoyable album in which any fan of 80's post-punk will adore. An early release in the bands career but laid down the path work for their later incredible albums (e.g. The Queen is dead).
With beautiful melodies and insightful lyrics this album displays a high point of alternative music. Is this The Smiths best album? No, but is it one of their best and one of the eras best? undeniable yes.

rating - 9/10

For fans of - The Cure, My Morning Jacket, the stone roses

best tracks - Heaven knows I'm miserable now, this Charming man, William it was really nothing

By D.A. Clarke

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