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Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid (Album review)

Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid (Album review)

Year - 1991
Genre - Heavy metal, Glam Metal, Hard Rock

Catchy choruses, flashy guitar solos...another glam rock album

After Cooper's hugely successful glam rock mega-hit that was "Trash" Cooper went to release Hey Stoopid to similar commercial success even in a time when glam was starting to die out.

Cooper was going for catchy songs on Hey Stoopid with every song on this album being clearly set out to get stuck in your head and no doubt be a big hit single, which most were.

The songs are by no means bad, not at all, fast guitars and Cooper's brilliant vocals are enjoyable, but does the album have substance or a great meaning? not really. That doesn't mean it's bad but for anyone looking for more contemporary music, this is not the album for you.

Cooper starts off this album fairly weak, with singles "Hey Stoopid" and "Love's a loaded gun", they serve their purpose but really leave little impact, however "snakebite" (another single) really changes the feel of the album, while sounding similar to the previous songs it somehow feels of a higher quality. The musicianship feels tighter from this point on. None of the songs are exceptional but they're all good to say the least, simply put, it's a late 80's/early 90's glam rock album. They all sounded similar but Cooper was fortunate as he not only had great musicians but the skill of his own writing, which on his work from the 1970's was truly exceptional.

This album is packed with amazing guest musicians, Joe Satriani bringing Snakebite to life and Nikki Sixx adding a thudding bass line to Feed my Frankenstein with guitar duo Joe Satriani and Steve Vai making the song feel like something otherworldly.

Hey Stoopid is fun, a fun album for rock fans, not much more but no less either. Cooper's best work? No. A high standard album, especially compared to a lot of the late 80's dismally bad glam rock? yes!

A record for all fans of Cooper as well as Glam rock to own, but past these fan bases, Hey Stoopid has little appeal.

Cooper has proven in the past he can create innovative rock music but seems to be too taken up in the "MTV radio rock" sound that dominated the scene, this album is disappointing when compared to his masterpieces of the past, but by no means its a bad album in its own right.


For fans of - RATT, Cinderella, Poison, Twisted Sister.

Highlights - Snakebite, might as well be on mars, Hurricane years

D.A. Clarke

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