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Danny Worsnop - The long road home (album review)

Danny Worsnop - The long road home (album review)
Year - 2017
Genre - Country, rock

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From metal teen idol to big bearded country singer, The long road home (originally titled as the much cooler "Prozac sessions") truly shows the evolution of Worsnop's music. starting in metalcore band Asking Alexandria, starting hard rock band We Are Harlot, leaving Asking Alexandria, to then return Worsnop has now decided to give his love of American country ago on his debut solo album.

Worsnop has created something unique in his debut, but unique does not necessarily mean it is good, long road home is a very hit and miss mixed bag of an album, with some songs having the potential to be classics, such as "quite a while" and "Prozac", but others, such as the obnoxiously bad "Don't over drink it" hitting the album and stopping the flow. The issue for many people will be the fact they are a fan of Worsnop's previous work, being more oriented in low tunings and blaring screaming vocals, The long road home appears fake, as original fans of Worsnop will know he had a very clear British accent which is not anywhere to be seen on this album, instead the listener is treated to a southern American accent that is convincing but it does feel false. Getting past nostalgia and the false accent The long road home is an interesting piece of work, having smooth guitar lines, thick rumbling bass lines, solid drum lines and of course the immensely powerful vocals of Danny Worsnop, to say this album is bad would be wrong, however saying it's fantastic would also be incorrect, as it lands in the middle being enjoyable but nothing special. The long road home features very typical conventions of Worsnop's work, such as sex, drugs and heartbreak, these conventions, while silly at times, are not bad, in fact they're a lot of fun. "I feel like shit" is the best example of being a song that is slightly odd yet easy to enjoy.

Overall if the listener were to get over their initial nostalgia of "the old Danny" they will easily enjoy this album and personally it seems that Worsnop has the potential to reinvent country's popularity, offering the genre to his young adoring fans, soon they might be listening to Johnny Cash as well as Slipknot. Good, not terrible, Worsnop clearly put his heart into this record and it shows, if you're a fan of Worsnop's previous work or country, buy this album.

rating - 6/10

for fans of - Aerosmith, Bon jovi, We are Harlot, Garth Brookes.
Best tracks - "Prozac", "I feel like shit", "Quite a while", "Mexico".

By D.A. Clarke

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