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6/8 - Blink 182 (track review)

6/8 - Blink 182 (track review)
year - 2017
genre - pop-punk, alternative

6/8 is the newest single to be released for the soon to be released deluxe edition of the critical and commercial success that is "California", the first album by Blink 182 to not feature founding member Tom Delonge.

Opening with an A Day To Remember-esque riff that is clunky, distorted and somewhat fast, the listener straight away knows this isn't another "all the small things", after the stomping opening Mark (Hoppus, bass) comes in with his vocals that are feeling stronger and more emotional in tone, a vast improvement as Hoppus' vocals could sometimes come across as toneless and weak, but here Hoppus is on top form, singing "Learn to swim in rushing rivers, crashing on the shore" with great dexterity.

This song feels heavier, with Matt (Skiba, Guitar) giving emo like shouts for the backing vocals to the extremely catchy chorus which thankfully doesn't feature any of the "na na na na's" that sometimes dominate Blink's music

Both vocalists shine on this track and feel very interdependent on each other to give a full impact on the intentions behind the songs meaning as well as making it enjoyable to listen to, as this sounds like a band that are working together well, it can be obvious through the music when a band is falling apart internally ("sympathy for the devil" - Guns n Roses for example?) and Blink, despite the hardships sound like a band that truly click and connect and 6/8 shows this very well.

As with the majority of Blink tracks, Travis Barker's drum work is fast paced and energetic giving Blink the pop punk energy that got them to this position and the fast paced semi-technical drums are a perfect compliment to the alternative/modern-pop punk sound that dominates the song.

6/8 is a promising track that is of an incredibly high quality, giving an Blink fan an incentive to buy California Deluxe edition, 6/8 will be a welcome edition to an already great album.


Daniel A. Clarke

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