Friday, 26 May 2017

Anal Trump - That makes me smart (album review)

Anal Trump - That Makes Me Smart (Album review)
Genre - Grindcore
Year - 2016

Anal Trump are an American Grindcore duo that, as their name suggests, parodies Grindcore legends Anal Cunt and also mocks far-right American President Donald Trump. 

Each song is around 3 - 10 seconds long, something similar from bands such as Napalm Death, with a heavy distorted guitar,  quick blast beat drumming and  harsh screamed/squealed vocals.
Each song is hilarious in their mocking of Trump and his questionable opinions/political standpoints.
a particularly brilliant track is Dave Mustaine is cool  which features Megadeth's bass line to peace sells.

Anal Trump may be labelled a joke band but it is undeniable that the duo have a talent and a market, appealing to all the left-wing who hate Trump, with Rob Trump playing all the instruments, doing an excellent albeit very small job (the whole album is only 3 minutes 10 seconds long) and the same can be said for Travis Trump and his deep brutal vocals. Anal Trump are a band that are relevant, funny and most importantly; talented .

while That makes me smart is short, it is definitely an album worth checking out and will not disappoint (unless you voted Trump....). Buy it and make Grindcore Great again.

By Daniel A. Clarke

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