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CKY - Days of Self Destruction (track review)

CKY - Days of Self Destruction (track review)
Year - 2017
Genre - Alternative metal.

Image result for cky days of self destructionDays of self Destruction was a surprise release from West Chester alternative "skate rock"/metal band CKY, after being absent from making new music since 2009s poorly recieved "Carver city", since then original vocalist and rhythm guitarist Deron Miller has left the band leaving Guitarist Chad I Ginsberg as vocalist for the now three-piece. 

Opening with heavy distorted guitars that are instantly recognisable as being CKY, being complex but grounded, not going over the top like bands such as DragonForce do, there's a clear return to roots on this track. The bass work by Matt Deis rumbles below the main riff very similarly to the bass work on CKY's first album; Volume 1. This return to roots is pleasing for any fan on the bands incredible late 90's/early 2000's work.
As always Jess Margera does an exceptional job with the drums, arguably the most talented member of the band from a musical ability point, Margera never goes over complicated and dominant but instead drives the song with precise and unique playing that is unmatched and irreplaceable in the CKY sound.

The issue for many is Ginsberg's vocals, many feeling that they are too different to Miller's, which is true, they are different but equally as good, Miller orientated himself around heavy metal style vocals that were rough and angry (with exceptions obviously) whereas Ginsberg, on this track, uses a more sleazy vocal style that is smooth and feels more dreamy, feeling similar to Stone Temple Pilots, which fits with CKY's dreamlike synths that they utilize on "Days of Self Destructions" as well as using various unique effects on their guitars/bass to give a truly one of a kind sound.

Catchy chorus, interesting instrumentals and great vocals, all topped off by a fast and technical guitar solo by guest musician Brent Hints (Mastodon). This is what CKY fans wanted and the band have made a surprising delivery, just in time for their May 2017 UK tour.

An incredible single, if the rest of The Phoenix (CKY's new album out in June) is like this song, it will definitely go down as a cult classic among Alternative metal fans.

Daniel A. Clarke.

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