Monday, 29 May 2017

The Dives - Everybody's Talking

Everybody's talking - The Dives (EP Review)
Year - 2017
Genre - Hard Rock

The Dives are a New York hard rock band and Everybody's Talking is their debut, is it good? better.
The Dives open with Make it like the movies, a catchy little radio-rock song that feels straight out of the early 80's, now to some that's a bad thing, personally there's nothing better. Singer and rhythm guitarist Evan Stanley is the son of Kiss frontman Paul Stanley, and much like his father he shows off a wide vocal range that is easily accessible to any listener, with Make it like the movies something you can sing along to by the second chorus if you've never heard it before. while Stanley does show traits of his father a listener must understand that he is by no means a copy and paste, Stanley has a unique talent in that he recreates the 70s/80s rock sound in an uncanny way, offering a new tone to the genre while still retaining a Bruce Springsteen/Paul Stanley-esque style. Stanley is a charismatic singer ready for the levels of superstardom that his father has.

The Dives aren't just a one trick pony though, with their second track, Anticipation, The Dives are even stronger. The undeniable thing about all these tracks is the band's ability to write a hook but also the great guitar skills of Mike Lefton, who along with the rest of the band add backing vocals to give a full and powerful sound. A defiant and strong track to really kick the EP into gear.

Third track in is the title track, and it starts off in a typical rock n roll drum beat by Jimmy Meier that seems fitting as Lefton's melodic guitar comes in. a song this good certainly will make everybody start talking about how great The Dives are.

Closing the EP is Man, oh Mandy, and it is by far the strongest track, with every member showing off their massive level of talent, the guitars are not too flashy but are by no means underwhelming, less can be more. the vocals are at a new level with Stanley showing off his talents with the rest of the band doing an amazing job with the harmonies, the drums are tight and complimented by Sergio Ortega's precise and thudding bass work. Man, Oh Mandy is a hard rock track that easily could be a huge hit single!

The Dives truly show that rock music is not dead as they recreate and pay homage to the incredible sounds of past bands and make it their own. it is clear each member is talented and well deserving of credit, do not feel as if this is a band famous because of Stanley's family, The Dives have earned their rising popularity due to their undeniable talent, shown fully on Everybody's Talking. If you love catchy rock - check out The Dives.

Daniel A. Clarke

I Saw the Dives last night as they opened for KISS on their world tour, easily the best opening band I've ever seen (with the exception of Alice Cooper for Motley crue...however seeming as he is an already established artist that isn't a fair competition!). The whole band were energetic, charismatic and were clearly happy to be there, for the first time ever I actually bought the opening band's merch as well as the headline act's, I was that impressed.
After their set The Dives were doing a meet and greet signing, they proved to be extremely friendly, humble and grateful, taking a photo with everyone who wanted one, signing CDs and making conversation - The Dives were a pleasure to meet and added to the experience of the gig like no other up and coming  band ever have - I personally hope these guys make it big. they deserve it.

Meeting The Dives

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