Tuesday, 9 May 2017

I love pogo and beer - The Defectives (album review)

I love pogo and beer - The Defectives (album review)
Year - 2016
Genre - Punk

The Defectives are a punk/hardcore punk band hailing from Milan, Italy.

starting with the appropriately titled opener, "we are the defectives", the listener is invited to their signature  hardcore punk guitar riffs that make the listener want to jump around and "pogo", with trashy shouted vocals and harmonies that juxtapose each other but fit so well together in an odd and honestly brilliant way.

The Defectives have hit the mark with this release as it captures exactly what a punk album needs - the fast guitars that are simplistic and wild but also The Defectives utilise the often ignored punk rhythm section, with fast pounding drums, best shown on "Pogo till we Oi", and thudding picked bass lines, best shown on "we have a shitty face".

The Defectives are a middle finger to anyone who dare say "punk is dead" as they are a promising revival of the genre and with current political situations in the USA, Europe and the UK the world truly needs punk rock again, this band can fill this place and hopefully lead the way for a possible continental punk rebirth. The band's music, image and lyrics may be slightly ridiculous but that's the beauty of punk, it doesn't always have to be a serious manifesto to make an impact and to challenge the norm.

Great band, great album and well worth listening to!


Daniel A. Clarke

this album is available on Bandcamp, I decided to get the black 7" vinyl version with the digital album included, this came to around £5 something plus £9 delivery, so if you've got £14 spare, get this on vinyl with a free digital download - you won't regret it!

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