Monday, 15 May 2017

In Silence - King Sloth (track review)

In Silence - King Sloth (Track Review)
year - 2017
genre - alternative rock

In Silence is the newest track released for King Sloth's "demos" release -  and it may be the best yet.
Opening with a thudding fuzzy bass line that seemed absent from the previous two released tracks, adding a low end rumble that fills up the song.
The Guitar comes in strong and loud, then stops, so (Mole) Carey's melodic vocals can come through, sounding as great as before, then the whole band kick back in to really get the song in full swing.
Feeling like an immense cross of modern rock titans Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood, the band appear uncanny, being familiar yet unique at the same time - In Silence has the fuzz and energy to be a single ready for the masses to hear, despite being demos, that are, as mentioned before, of an unbelievably high quality.
In Silence works well, fitting and adding to the previous two released songs but the band feel tighter and musically more slick than before, with interesting high backing vocals, melodic guitar being thrown in at just the right moments and a catchy chorus - musicianship this high of standard is a rarity in unsigned bands, just showing the determination and talent of this Scottish rock band - record labels should be fighting over unsigned talents such as King Sloth.

In Silence is a brilliant addition to their already released "Demos" and is easily the best of the now 3 tracks, hopefully the band will have more soon as In Silence is extremely promising.


by Daniel A. Clarke

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