Tuesday, 9 May 2017

King Sloth - Demos (review)

King Sloth - Demos (review)
year - 2017
Genre - alternative rock, hard rock

Demos is a two track demo collection by Dundee (UK) alt-rock band King Sloth - and it is extremely promising!

opening with "Not Unknown" King Sloth introduce themselves with a bluesy yet modern riff and ferociously fast drums that lets listeners know they're entering something worth their time. King Sloth then slow down for the vocals to enter, and lead singer Mole Carey does an amazing job - it is incredible to think the band consider these demos when the musicianship and mixing is of such a high quality.
Throughout opener "Not Unknown" and second track "something in the water" guitarist Daryl Robertson is able to show off his skill with memorable riffs and precise playing, all being beautifully complimented by Jamie Butler's drums and Connon Watts' keyboard work. Everything fits well and works smoothly.

With the huge popularity of Royal Blood, there is a clear  space in the rock music world for King Sloth who have a similar sound in some aspects - fans of Royal Blood will certainly enjoy this band.

Demos is
definitely worth your time and shows huge potential for a band that I personally hope will make it big - as having Demos this good is a rarity! let's hope the band will release an EP or album soon that can hopefully thrust them into the limelight - in short, check out this band!


Daniel A. Clarke

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