Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lost in the sky - Superhooch (track review)

Lost in the sky - Superhooch (track review)
year - 2017
genre - psychedelic, Stoner rock

Lost in the sky is the latest single released by Coventry stoner-rock outfit, Superhooch -

Lost in the Sky is an ambitious move by Superhooch as it shows a stylistic change from their debut EP, The viscous EP, being an 8 minute single that feels like a progressive journey telling a story about drug abuse/use ("The monkey on my back became the kraken"), heavier guitar riffs that feel akin to doom metal that then change to a smooth reverb that'd fit right on a pink Floyd album  - the many style changes within this song are used in a way that doesn't appear uncomfortable or out of place with each change to the song being unique and musically very skilled - keeping the song interesting.

The vocals also take a new dynamic, lead singer Jonny Worsley being joined by guitarist Chris Worsley on co-lead vocals that add a melancholic deeper sound that clash but also compliment the lead singer's high pitched style. It is heavier but still retains melody - something many modern metal bands fail to do. Lead Guitarist Johnny Kingham and Drummer Peanut Marshall add to the backing vocals as well to give a fuller sound.

Like any decent band a strong rhythm section is required and Superhooch do not disappoint on Lost in the sky, with Marshall's drums and Steve Clarke's bass playing working together furiously adding a huge driving force behind the song.

Lost in the Sky is fast, slow, unique, strange and complicated - and it surprisingly works! Adding a new dynamic to modern rock music and breaking the ideology of sticking to one genre, Superhooch are an extremely promising band that offer something new to the scene instead of  the monotonous "scream-grindcore" bands that are filling the local underground music scenes now.

With a catchy chorus that makes reference to the bands name, presumably as its named after an alcoholic drink, a fast and aggressive solo by Kingham and overall a general progression in the band's writing SuperHooch have released something special here.
highly recommended!

Daniel A. Clarke
Superhooch have an EP coming out on the 13th of May as well as having their first EP, a live album and Lost in the Sky all on Bandcamp. (Lost in the Sky lyric video)

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