Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ras Tinny - The Warning (track review)

Ras Tinny - The Warning (Track review)
Genre - Reggae
Year - 2017

The Warning - A reverb haven of relaxation and clear talent

Ras Tinny is a reggae singer from Dublin, Ireland, The Warning is his debut release - and it's a strong start.

inny's vocals are relaxing and ghostly, fitting and moving with the smooth instrumental tracks. Tinny clearly fits his genre with his vocal style as well as having a deep bass line bumping along combined with simplistic but effective drums, but to not be a typical copy and paste reggae artist Tinny and producer Dan Taliras add in modern dub elements that only enhance the extremely relaxing chilled out tone of the song, but also typical of reggae tropes The Warning has deep and topical lyrics written in a very poetic way, which is a great thing has it battles the stereotype that all reggae is about is cannabis, a label that truly undermines the talent of reggae artists and their lyricism. The flow of the instrumental track and how the vocals intertwine with the music are key to this song and making it what it is, an undeniably good track. both the vocal and dub track versions of the song are equally as relaxing, both making good use of reverb and a decent drum beat to create a catchy song that is easily accessible for an listener.

A strong release from Echobus Records, Ras Trinny has shown huge potential for the future with the warning .

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