Monday, 8 May 2017

Snowy Dunes - Atlantis pt 1 (track review)

Snowy Dunes - Atlantis pt 1 (track review)
year -2017
genre - psychedelic, stoner rock

Image result for snowy dunes atlantis part 1Snowy Dunes are a psychedelic rock band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Atlantis Part 1 is a (nearly) 20-minute song, and the only track on the band's first part to the recently announced part 2 which will (hopefully) be released soon.

Opening with a hazy guitar riff, you can tell from the get go this is going to be a journey - a journey Snowy Dunes do not disappoint with. Atlantis pt 1 is a dreamlike song that entices listeners with the smooth guitar riffs, thumping bass, steady drums and incredible vocals, the band add a huge twist in your musical journey as they switch from gentle nirvana to a harsher sound that is heavy yet not to a point that it completely throws off a listener and ruins their experience.

Atlantis part 1 is a song that is extremely promising and shows huge potential for the band, Snowy Dunes deserve to be the next big rock band.

Daniel A. Clarke

*note* this is not part of the track review but instead a recollection of how I discovered Snowy Dunes; the band were playing a gig at the Arches, Coventry UK, in which they had the second slot on the bill, opening for another band I sadly did not get to see as I had to leave, I originally only went to the gig to see my Step brothers' band Superhooch as they had the first slot on the bill, after they did their slot (which I will add, was amazing) Snowy Dunes came on, and I was going to leave, but instead decided I'd stay for the bands set, Snow Dunes had me captivated in minutes, with a cool atheistic and a dreamy sound anyone could get lost in. the gig is very special to me as I'm not very comfortable at pub gigs and I was kind of standing on my own in the middle looking awkward but my Brother's Girlfriend pulled m next to their group at the front so I wasn't just standing on my own, and for the first time I felt completely involved and comfortable at a gig. The band were inspiring for anyone who is a musician who aspires to be playing gigs one day (like me), after their set I went straight to the merch stand and got their CD. I will clarify I am not biased towards this song just because of that incredible night, this band genuinely are something else, a band that will hopefully get the recognition they deserve.   

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