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The Viscous EP - SuperHooch (EP review)

Image result for superhooch bandThe Viscous EP - SuperHooch (EP review)
Year - 2015
Genre - Stoner rock, psychedelic, hard rock

The Viscous EP is the debut released by Coventry based rock band SuperHooch -
SuperHooch were formed primarily from 3 Coventry bands that have now disbanded (with the exception of Chris Worsley and Steve Clarke's project "Octogoth"), from this collective of experienced talents SuperHooch were formed, and it shows on The Viscous EP.

Opening the EP with lead single Tamed, Chris Worsley's slide guitar sets a lurking southern rock feel to the track that is quickly joined by the steady beat of Peanut Marshall's drums - this is then completed by an explosive attack as all the band members start playing together. The riff to Tamed is energetic and has an authentic raw feel to it, Clarke's bass riffs bounce through and work with Marshall's fast paced drums. Jonny Worsley's vocals are unique with a higher fuzzy feel that may be a choice taste to some but they clearly work with the band's style, with a snarl that cuts through explaining the traumatic feeling of getting used to the rigid prison system and then being alienated by the outside world after the song's character is free, but "tamed" to the system that controlled him previously. With great lyrics and high quality musicianship - tamed is a great example of how to open an EP.

Followed by the fast paced attack that is Neon Shine, by no means a bad song, yet not on the quality of the opener, with a more straightforward hard rock approach and a weaker chorus that lets the song down Neon shine is easily the weakest song on the EP, however it is not a bad song, it has qualities that work very well, the drums,  guitars and verses are very good and show the skill of the band.

The band swiftly go back to top quality again with Remission - opening with a rumbling bass line from Clarke and Worsley's vocals are on top form The Viscous EP is from this point onwards consistently as strong, with Kingham and Worsley's guitars adding a heavier deeper edge that connect with Worsley's vocals, which he shows a new skill in his range here, going higher than the previous two tracks, truly showing his improvement since, now disbanded, Monochrome State.

The Wit of the staircase follows, and it is the strongest song on the EP, with Worsley's vocals sounding their best, especially during the chorus as he wails with force "it's complicated! I should've known". Kingham and Worsley work well together on this track - their playing seems to intertwine together to make one big sound that shows that symmetry between the musicians can bring a song to another level.
The drums are fast and powerful, crashing through furiously adding to the songs venomous attack, "Wit of the staircase" shows the band at full form, embracing different styles and being heavier than before but still retain their initial uncanny sound that is unique yet familiar, while not the first single (however it was released as one), "Wit of the Staircase" is the EP's definitive track.

Charm offensive comes after with blaring a guitar riff that is instantly memorable, SuperHooch take a new approach, using a group-like chant that makes the song catchy to any listener. The strongest part of the song comes from when Clarke plays a fast and defined bass line along with Worsley's vocals that are sang in a upbeat rhythm. Charm offensive shows even more musical expansion in the bands style, being fast paced hard rock to a heavy, almost doom-esque, breakdown that juxtapose each other but still work, a common thing featured in SuperHooch's music.

Closing the EP is Cosmic Shotgun, an ever-changing mix of almost aggressive "Banananana" chanting that is then switched to a smooth calm section, then kicked straight back into the fast paced aggression, with Chris Worsley adding to this with a quickly shouted backing vocals, they're only brief but they add to the song immensely. Kingham then plays a solo that is fiery and shows off his vast ability as a guitarist. Cosmic shotgun is a 4 minute song that swaps style several times, keeping it interesting, clearly a strong way to end the EP.

Overall The Viscous EP is an incredible debut formed from the talents of experienced musicians and it clearly shows, SuperHooch never stick to one genre, instead swapping between numerous influences to make a band that is unique and promising.  

By Daniel A. Clarke

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