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Charles Dexter Ward and the Imagineers - The Search For Franks Brains (album review)

Charles Dexter Ward and the Imagineers - The Search For Franks Brains (album review)
year - 2017

The Search For Franks Brains is the sophomore effort by Charles Dexter Ward and The Imagineers, a nostalgia enducing rock outfit from Coventry.
Opening their album with a bang, the listener is greeted with a booming distorted guitar that grabs attention straight away. God Knows Stomp opens the album and allows a new listener to hear the truly unique, yet oddly familiar sound of Charles Dexter Ward and The Imagineers. Charles Dexter Ward's vocals are, like the guitars, a screeching force of fuzz and distortion, this makes the vocals and strong muscianship intertwine into one. A strong opening track.

The band's riffs are heavy with distortion but retain a bluesy 70's Zeppelin vibe that will sit well with any fan of classic rock. However do not think this band are simply a 70s hard rock revival band, these guys bring something new to the table, especially in the aforementioned vocals, while not exactly melodic, they're hard rock vocals that attack, hitting their listener into a trance as the song booms on.

Apocalyptic is an impressive show of musical ability, the song acts as a psychedelic journey that feels as if it's a stoners classic in the making, captivating and fluent. smooth lead guitars, fuzzy bass and a to the point drum beat. Together this band hit the nail on the head and do their job, particuarly on Apocalyptic
Charles Dexter Ward and The Imagineers are by no mean a one trick pony, they can go from slow psychedelic stoner rock to a full on hard rock offence shown on fast paced gems such as Franks Brains, where the drum beat is ferociously quicker and Ward's vocals feel incredibly focused (a song worthy of being a single) and Merlin's Beard, which is a highlight, the guitars are fast to get the listener head banging along. the guitars are paired with a thudding bassline that is brilliantly locked in with the band. Merlin's Beard is the band at full force and a song worthy of serious recognition.

The Search For Franks Brains is an impressive second album that does not disappoint, it's focused, the musicianship is tight, unique but with a hint of nostalgic 70's vibes thrown in and the vocals - odd, yet amazing. They're a fuzzy screech that fits in so well with the music it creates a flow that will keep any listener focused, thrilled and most importantly happy they just discovered an up and coming band that have the talent and ability to become a new star in the rock scene. Don't believe anyone who says "rock is dead" when bands such as Charles Dexter Ward and The Imagineers are making music. Check out this band.
Highlights - Apocaplytic, Merlin's beard, Franks Brains, Graverobber Blues.
By Daniel A. Clarke 

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