Friday, 30 June 2017

Futumche! - Gazing into misery (EP review)

Futumche! - Gazing into misery (EP review)

Year - 2017

Futumche! are a 3 piece experimental rock group from Coventry, Gazing into misery is their sophomore release.
Opening with a slowly picked bass line by Jaz Rai, the rest of the band soon join and add to the unique song that is Gazing, the song leaves the listener in a daze as the writing style swaps from a thudding, almost nursery rhyme rhythm to a slow reverb laden sound that switches from dreamy to ferocious in seconds. Futumche! straight away show they are odd but not a gimmick, a sound that they hone into their own, making it their own creation. With Rai, previously of punk band Bad mouth men, and guitarist and co-vocalist Steve Clarke, also of Coventry rock band Superhooch, using their very different styles to create a juxtaposition in tone that leaves a listener intrigued. Gazing ends with a beautiful guitar section that is completely different to the rest of the song's thudding rhythm. The EP's "A side" is opened very strongly.

Misery fires out next with a very punk inspired tone, with gritty distortion, a catchy bass line and Brandon Garrigan's drums holding it together, keeping a steady rhythm as Rai shouts "I can't be happy, you can't be happy now!". The punk inspiration on this track is overtly clear and it sounds great, but Futumche! prove they do not stick to one formulaic style, slowing down into a more gloomy aggression as both Clarke and Rai shout in unison "trapped inside your misery!", all while Garrigan savagely hits his kit. A memorable track, even if it is unconventional from a "catchy song" point of view. The band's weirdness and aggression shines on this track.

The rest of the tracks on the EP are put under "side B", these tracks being recorded in various locations and then being Mastered by Clarke. Laer opens up this "side", a distorted attack of various experimental sounds that is followed by the much more mellow track, Forward, an instrumental track that has an infectiously memorable bass line.
Wait Inside is a strong track, with synth and droning spoken vocals; Wait inside feels like Kid A era Radiohead if Thom York had a deeper voice. possibly the EP's second best track behind Misery, Wait inside is a unique journey that  any fan of  Radiohead would appreciate.
 Futumche! close the EP with Through the mountain, a calm acoustic guitar led instrumental that is very relaxing and ends the EP in the complete opposite to how it starts, showing the broad range of writing talent the 3 piece have.

Gazing into Misery is a surprising and undeniably strong debut that shows that 3 people can make a full sound, with no section of this EP feeling "empty", and Futumche! have made a sound that is their own and no-one else's, splicing together various influences into one EP. Futumche! are unusual but it only adds to why their music is so enjoyable. Futumche! have a promising sound and overall Gazing into Misery is an outstanding sophomore effort.

Daniel A. Clarke

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