Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Slack Alice - Wiseman (single review)

Slack Alice - Wiseman (single review)
year - 2017

Wiseman - Fuzz laden rock n roll that kicks life into the genre

Wiseman is the debut single by Coventry hard rock band, Slack Alice, who formed late last year, in their small time as a band they have opened for Phil Campbell's (Motorhead) band - The Bastard sons.
The song opens with a distinctive bass line that clearly has a fuzz pedal used on it producing a rumbling and somewhat classic sound, giving a stoner rock and psychedelic vibe to the song. Wiseman screams hard rock conventions with fast paced pummelling drums that are locked and tight with the bass lines, all topped by Wiseman's grizzly heavy guitar lines, the musicianship on this track shows off Slack Alice's high quality  of skill as song writers and at playing their respective role within the band, the great production also gives clear clarity between each instrument and the vocals sit just right in the mix, not being drowned out by the furious distorted attack of the song.

The vocals are a high wail that show clear influences from the 70's rock scene and are easy to listen to, not being grating - this being a common problem with bands with higher pitched vocalists. Slack Alive over come this and produce a very strong and memorable debut single that feels uncanny, sounding similar to 70's rock whilst adding a new tone and feel to their sound that keeps classic rock and newer rock fans interested.

A great debut of fast paced rock and roll distortion and high pitched vocals, with a nice guitar solo fitting in comfortably half way through the song. A band that show clear potential to be something big!

*Wiseman will be released on Friday 23rd June*

By Daniel A Clarke

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