Sunday, 30 July 2017

Blank Expression Issue 3 review

Background - Blank Expression is an online Music Magazine that covers music of the West Midlands as well as music from around the world.
Featuring a wide variety of musical styles from local up and coming artists being covered in interviews, reviews and articles. Blank Expression (which presumably is named after the song by Coventry 2 tone band The Specials) is run by only two people (with the support of a few others) yet is professional in both the presentation of the website and the writing.

Blank Expression currently have 2 zines on their website which feature interesting articles regarding a wide variety of musically related things not just bands, such as record collecting. The formatting from issue 1 to 2 does change but is significantly improved on issue 2. Blank Expression looks like a company made magazine ready for shops, the best thing is it is free to read on the Blank Expression website.

The website states any support from other writers, photographers etc is welcome, Please offer as much support as you can as Blank Expression is trying to help keep the local music scene vibrant and prominent.

Issue 3 -
with another improved style change to the layout the magazine looks great. It is apparent that Blank Expression seems to put a lot of its focus on punk music and alternative, this is a huge positive as those genres are very interesting to read about and discover however many styles are looked at and presented attracting a wide audience

Featuring a live review of Cabbage and a review of Mussel Head's debut EP (I was glad to see they gave Mussel head a positive review!) plus more. several interviews including a great interview with Sealford Mods that was an enjoyable read.
The Issue is written with care and shows a love of the local scene rarely seen today. With added details such as playlist that features a personal favourite: Futumche - Gazing as well as little things such as a cut out and a fashion tips section, an all round varied magazine that is fun to read.

The Magazine is free, this alone is an incentive to check out this great issue. The amount of effort and time put into one issue alone is astonishing, I urge you to check out Blank Expression and take a look into the local music scene that is in heavy need of attention and support for its brilliant artists.

Issue 3 will be released on 12th August and has previously been sold in shops such as HMV.

Check out Blank Expression's website here:

Dan Clarke.

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