Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Institutes - All I need (single review)

The Institutes - All I need (single review)

All I need is the newest single by rock band The Institutes. A band that are on a steady rise, as they have played up and down the country, even getting an opening slot for radio-rock superstars The Kings of Leon in the Genting Arena

All I need opens with a melodic guitar riff that is joined by vocalist Andrew Ferris in an equally melodic delivery, flowing through the instrumental in an almost ghostly fashion. It is apparent from the start The Institutes have a radio-rock vibe (that is not an insult, no matter what metal elitists say) that seems accessible with the catchy song structure and emotional delivery in the vocals. The Institutes are a band that understand how to structure a song greatly - not being too repetitive or complicated, meeting in the middle perfectly.

Andy Hall's guitar solo is simplistic but has emotion, something that is much more important than 'technical' and needless shredding, his playing style fits the band perfectly and fits on top of the rhythm section. The Institutes are good in playing their part respectively, with Kirk Savage (drums) and Andy Lowe (bass) locking together and forming a strong foundation for the melodic guitars and vocals that when combined connect and build up a solid track and massive sound despite only being four people. Lowe's bass is played in a typical rock fashion, his playing is a bouncy rumble that reinforces and adds to the huge sound of the four piece. Hall's guitar playing is very reminiscent of the 90s alternative sound and it overall corresponds well with Ferris'  mid-range style. Savage's drums, in a similar fashion to Lowe's bass playing, is rock inspired and hard hitting that is made even better with little fills in the song that add to the large scale of the song.
Ferris feels like the star of the show on All I need as his vocals are memorable and unique and build on the songs emotion with a melancholic tone to his singing, Ferris appears to be a vocalist who works incredible well with the equally talented musicians of The Institutes.

There is no convoluted pretentiousness here, just a simple rock track that is a pleasant listen for both rock fans and those of more mainstream tastes, and that is where All I need and The Institutes themselves benefit. The talent of all four members is apparent on All I need as well as their previous single: Million Miles, which feel full and atmospheric. Pounding drums, thudding bass lines, guitars with overdrive and smooth vocals, The Institutes know how to write a modern rock song well which is obvious just from All I Need. The Institutes have amazing potential and will please listeners with their sophomore effort: All I need - being released on August 18th.

by Daniel A. Clarke

First Single (million miles)-

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